Accessories Unlimited South

Accessories Unlimited South

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Motorcycle Exhaust Systems, 6 Speed Transmissions, Speedometers, Chrome Billet Air Cleaners, and Conversion Gear Sets have been added to our line of after market Motorcycle Accessories.


Exhaust System

This Motorcycle Exhaust System is triple chrome plated with heat shields. Fits right side drive on Harley Davidson Softails and Custom Bikes.


Triple Chrome Motorcycle Exhaust System



Standard & Right Side Drive 6 Speed Transmissions

6 Speed Transmissions in polished, black, and natural cases with chrome covers for right side (RSD) with either hydraulic or cable actuator. 6 Speed Transmissions for left side (LSD) with cable are available in polished, black, and natural cases with chrome covers. Our Full Assembly Transmissions have Standard Gear Ratios and are available in 6 Speed Gear Sets for easy installation. Full width gears with lead-in ramps.

Left Side Drive Transmission

Right Side Drive Transmission

Left Side Drive

Right Side Drive

Speed O Meter

High quality digital Speedometer, completely chrome Speedometer / Odometer with Tachometer, Turn Signals, Oil Light, Battery Light, High Beams, and Neutral Light.

Motorcycle Air Cleaner
Get Increased Air Flow, Better Fuel Efficiency and more Horsepower with our Chrome Billet Air Cleaners. Our "SPIKE" Motorcycle Air Cleaners will fit: Mikuni/Evolution, CV/Evolution, S&S/Evolution and CV/Fuel Injection Twin Cam.
Chrome "Spike" Air Cleaner
6 Speed Transmission Conversion Gear Sets


6 Speed Transmission Conversion Gear Sets Change your transmission to 6 speeds with a 6 Speed Transmission Conversion Gear Set. Gear Ratios 2.94:1 and overdrive 6th .86:1  Application 89-06 Softails, Baggers and Dyna's. Full width gears with lead-in ramps.

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